Pharmaceutical Pricing and Market Access

Optimizing strategies for pricing and market access (P&MA) is paramount to realizing the full value of pharmaceutical innovation and making it available to as many patients in need as possible, particularly in an increasingly challenging payer environment.

P&MA access considerations therefore play a crucial role throughout the drug life cycle, from shaping clinical trial designs in order to reflect payer requirements to determining optimal pricing throughout the drug’s commercial lifetime for maximized patient access.  

L.E.K. Consulting helps pharmaceutical companies design effective market access and pricing strategies that support successful product launches, optimize commercial success throughout the life cycle and ensure maximal access to innovation for patients.

Our approach

Our approach to P&MA combines deep strategic and therapeutic area expertise, developed through thousands of pharma strategy projects, with in-depth functional and regional knowledge of pricing and access environments.

Broad strategic perspective

P&MA is an integral part of the strategic support we provide and informs the hundreds of product strategy and opportunity assessments we conduct every year. We take a broad strategic perspective on P&MA in the context of launch planning and life cycle management, considering launch sequencing and indication expansion as well as the impact of broader healthcare system trends on P&MA conditions.  

In-depth understanding of therapeutic area dynamics

We have conducted hundreds of corporate and product strategy projects across all key therapeutic areas, assessing patient journeys, competitive landscapes and unmet needs. This informs our perspectives on P&MA as we gain understanding of value perception and key drivers of value, pricing comparators and price-finding dynamics, and patient access and support needs.  

Deep regional expertise

We have regional P&MA experts in the key geographies, including the U.S., Europe, Japan and China, providing us with deep insights into country-level market access dynamics. With that expertise, we have a proven track record of helping pharma companies enter and expand into new markets. Our pricing strategy incorporates insights into the evolving P&MA landscape context of each geography, including new and potential legislative and regulatory changes.  

Specialty pharma expertise for niche and orphan drugs

We have conducted hundreds of projects for specialty pharma, including orphan drugs and advanced therapeutics, over the past five years. This gives us a deep understanding of the market access requirements specific to specialty pharma, including pricing considerations for high-price drugs and companion diagnostics, innovative payment models, and patient access support needs.

Outstanding capabilities and a network of experts

We leverage data from payers, physicians, patients and other decision-makers to develop accurate views on clinical differentiation, economic differentiation, budgetary considerations and utilization management requirements. We have deep analytical capabilities, proprietary in-house databases and tools, and an experienced team of Ph.D.s, M.D.s and in-house P&MA experts to support our research.

Our services

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