For more than three decades, L.E.K. has advised corporate and private equity clients in how to create value from a business acquisition, combination or separation. We also help clients plan joint ventures, alliances and other alternative structures.

Our approach is research-intensive, unbiased and confidential. We combine data and financial analysis with industry knowledge to help you realize the true value of an opportunity. We also have a global presence, which provides the local insight and language skills required to orchestrate complex multinational M&A transactions.

We share our M&A expertise by supporting the Kellogg School of Management’s comprehensive Merger Week program — one of the oldest and most successful programs of its kind. The program takes participants through the intricacies of strategic mergers and acquisitions. From identifying target companies to post-merger integration, attendees learn the latest frameworks and tools to ensure their company’s success, as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls of M&A failures. L.E.K. Managing Director Peter Walter is co-academic director of the program.

We support your efforts through every stage of the transaction lifecycle:

Target identification

Find good companies to invest in. Use L.E.K.’s impartial guidance to profile optimal acquisition targets. You’ll expand your options for potential M&A candidates and improve the odds of finding good opportunities that are off the radar of any other acquirer.

Due diligence

Look under the hood of your acquisition. Test and quantify the variables that inform the rest of the deal process and validate the critical assumptions of your theses. Along the way, you’ll get advance knowledge of key issues with the target company. You’ll also benefit from proprietary insight into the perspectives of key customers, suppliers and competitors. 

Joint ventures & alliances

Team up under an alternative structure that works. Gain advance knowledge of the partnership’s potential costs and benefits plus a fact base for negotiations. You’ll also head off issues and misunderstandings with the decisions and buy-in you achieve upfront.

Post-merger integration

Creating a combination greater than the sum of its parts. Preparation is key to creating (and not destroying) value in an integration. L.E.K.’s global post-merger integration (PMI) specialists work with our sector teams to ensure you receive a seamless service across the deal life-cycle, from large-scale, global deals to mid-market and smaller transactions, resulting in a smooth deal close and the development of a combined entity that is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Exit support

Plan for a fast, clean and worthwhile break. Besides managing the risk of a sales transaction, you’ll position the business to flourish after a sale and realize the highest possible value from whatever divestitures you make. 


Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.

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