Analytical Sciences

Deploy AI for Strategic Advantage and Tangible Results

A small online retailer leverages AI-driven analytics to quickly pinpoint an untapped market trend, capturing the market weeks before the competition even notices. Meanwhile, a healthcare provider revolutionizes treatment protocols after using AI to uncover patterns in patient data. These scenarios are more than success stories; they illustrate a broader truth in today’s world: Accessing and employing data effectively is at the heart of the competitive strategy for businesses everywhere.

L.E.K.’s Analytical Sciences team stands at the forefront of this shift, transforming raw data into actionable insights and strategic foresight. This specialized group delivers beyond conventional analytics to create dynamic, customized and adaptive solutions for our clients. From redefining competitive positioning with optimized pricing to leveraging predictive analytics for customer retention, our experts turn potential obstacles into catalysts for innovation and growth.

Bespoke AI analytical solutions for real-world challenges

Imagine having a compass that not only points you in the right direction but also predicts the path ahead, continuously adjusting in real-time to lead you through the safest and most efficient route. That’s how our Analytical Sciences team works with data. We start by gathering and blending a broad range of data, then use advanced analytics and AI to make sense of it all. This AI-driven insight deepens our analysis, making it easier for businesses to make smart, timely decisions in the face of critical challenges. And our approach is more than an integration of AI and analytics; it is deeply human, rooted in connection and collaboration, combining technical aptitude with commercial acumen.

Our Analytical Sciences team comprises highly skilled consultants with diverse backgrounds in math, data science, research, operations and machine learning, and a deep understanding of how to drive business growth. They employ sophisticated tools, ranging from AI/ML algorithmic models to mathematical optimization and natural language processing, to ensure that solutions are not only predictive and adaptive but also scalable and customized to specific needs. This powerful combination of technical and commercial expertise is what distinguishes our Analytical Sciences team and enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

The strategic value of advanced AI analytics

Our team’s expertise spans a comprehensive suite of AI analytics, each category representing a pillar of our approach to transforming data into actionable insights and strategies for your business:

  • Synthesis: Harmonizing diverse data for clear, strategic decision-making
  • Prediction: Anticipating market shifts to guide future strategies
  • Optimization: Fine-tuning processes for peak operational efficiency
  • Classification: Using data to enable more targeted business propositions
  • Personalization: Tailoring experiences to customer preferences
  • Generation: Automating creativity to lead market trends


Global advanced AI analytics success stories

The transformative power of our AI solutions is evident across various industries, underscoring our ability to create significant value through approaches tailored to each sector’s unique challenges:

  • Enhanced customer retention: A retail leader revolutionized its approach to customer loyalty with our predictive analytics, identifying 75% of potential churners and realizing $360M in savings from reducing churn of high-risk customers identified through our model
  • Optimized pricing strategy: Through deployment of our AI-driven pricing engine, a B2B service provider experienced remarkable growth in margins and improved its market position, resulting in a $20M increase in annual revenue
  • Fine-tuned operational processes: Our geospatial and ML-based optimization models redefined operational efficiency for a network of healthcare centers, achieving a 40% reduction in costs and improved service delivery
  • Agile market response: A pharmaceutical company used our advanced forecasting solution to adeptly align their manufacturing and distribution operations to constantly shifting market demand, ensuring consistent availability and customer satisfaction

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