A biopharma company with a recently launched rheumatoid arthritis drug asked L.E.K. Consulting to define the optimal price strategies for the 12-18 months post-launch in Germany under different market conditions. Our engagement also included Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss medical benefit assessment outcomes for competitors as well as their potential pricing response.

L.E.K.’s approach

Our case team defined the most relevant scenarios based on expected competitor pricing dynamics, which were informed by analogue research. We leveraged existing price sensitivity data to determine revenue-optimized price points in each scenario, adjusting for medical benefit assessment outcomes and changes in competitor pricing. We then produced pricing strategy recommendations for each scenario, including potential revenue uplift generated over different time horizons.

Value delivered to the client  

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Reimbursement Assessment for a Therapy for Hemodialysis Patients
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See how L.E.K. Consulting delivered value to a biopharma company looking to assess risk and develop mitigating strategies of bundling a kidney disease treatment with the dialysis tariff.

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