Launch and Amplify Disruptive New Businesses

Disrupting through digital

Launching and amplifying disruptive digital businesses facilitates new revenue streams, broadens market reach, and enhances customer engagement — all essential elements for staying competitive in the digital age. By prioritizing the creation of digital ecosystems that extend beyond traditional boundaries, companies foster enduring relationships with customers, ensuring long-term success and relevance and, by extension, a resilient future. To harness the disruptive power of digital, L.E.K. partners with its clients to answer such questions as: 

  • What are potentially disruptive digital businesses, and which of them would best complement your existing business?

  • Which disruptive digital business ideas most directly solve customer pain points? Which of them are marketable and have a high expected ROI?

  • What are the risks of expanding into a new market? What does the current and future competitive landscape look like?

  • What changes to your operating model and related technical architecture are required to launch a new disruptive digital business model?

  • How vulnerable is your market to disruption?

  • What do the disruptive digital businesses you’re considering do? Who are their customers, both current and potential?

How we help disrupt through digital

L.E.K. works with you to identify emerging digital product opportunities that create new revenue streams, deepen customer relationships, and ward off threats from new entrants. We do this by partnering with you to:

  • Conduct a market opportunity assessment of various use cases in order to identify and prioritize initiatives that can be used to build a customer-centric business 

  • Evaluate new market dynamics — including new competitors and future potential challengers — that will come with this new digital offering

  • Design and develop product/business models, each backed by a compelling business case, to address unmet needs and secure the resources and support needed to innovate and differentiate from the rest of the market

  • Prototype, develop, and launch products that disrupt the industry with leading digital technologies and strategies

Your benefits 

L.E.K. has extensive experience defining and launching new businesses. By combining that knowledge with our digital expertise, we help you: 

  • Accelerate growth through sales, customer acquisition, etc.

  • Enhance customer engagement

  • Broaden customer reach through new markets

  • Diversify revenue sources

  • Streamline internal processes and improve operational efficiency

  • Reduce speed to market

  • Increase innovation and adaptability

Case examples: disrupting through digital

To learn more about how we help clients disrupt through digital, please refer to these insights and case examples: 

  • A Tier 1 systems supplier wanted to rethink its core growth strategy and set a path toward profitable growth and defense against disintermediation. L.E.K. conducted robust market testing and challenging to gain confidence that the magnitude of customer pain points and potential solutions fit the bill — and were worth the money. We offered the leadership team the solution and the insights necessary to commit, including articulating the platform, identifying willing customers, and creating a comprehensive business case laying out every necessary investment. The client quickly started deploying the investments to capture first-mover advantage of what was a multibillion-dollar opportunity.

  • A leading global manufacturer of video surveillance cameras was looking for support in assessing the role of video management systems (VMS), the central monitoring station (CMS) ecosystem, the purchasing and go-to-market process of security operators, as well as the implications for its go-to-market set-up in the video surveillance-as-a-service market (VSaaS). L.E.K. analyzed the VMS and CMS ecosystems and their respective roles along with the purchasing process of relevant SOs/Sis; we also assessed the client’s go-to-market approach for SOs/Sis. The client came away with a clear understanding of both the VSaaS and CMS ecosystems and which go-to-market strategy to pursue. 

  • An advertising marketplace wanted help building a digital advertising benchmarking tool to assess digital ad monetization metrics across product categories and key search terms. L.E.K. worked with a third-party data vendor to identify key search terms by total and paid clicks for the client's primary competitor and procured digital ad metrics (i.e., CPC, ad spend, traffic) associated with those terms. We evaluated the differences to identify trends in ad spend by category and sub-category, cost per click by category and sub-category, and key search terms within each sub-category. We also developed a Tableau dashboard for key client stakeholders to evaluate metrics over time and an Alteryx workflow to automatically refresh the data for the client each month, and provided it with a curated list of product categories and keywords for ad spend prioritization. 

  • A leading distributor of agricultural products was looking to better understand the core competitive landscape across the crop input retail and distribution industry, so asked L.E.K. to perform a competitive assessment on key competitors and emerging players to help inform the company's competitive strategy. We evaluated the geographic footprint of each competitor, where each competitor possessed a stronger market position, and how the operational footprint changed. We also determined the product portfolio mix for each competitor and how it had been changing over time, and assessed the current digital capabilities and strategy of each competitor as well as their future digital direction. The deliverable was a robust fact-based assessment of the agricultural retail and distribution market that the client used to inform its competitive strategy.

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