Leveraging data as a strategic asset can help make better decisions, forecast business outcomes and build a smarter enterprise. L.E.K. provides organizations with effective ways to analyze and model business events using internal and external data. We do so by applying advanced analytics capabilities through the lens of our extensive strategy and industry experience. The upshot is a common-sense approach to solving hard business problems with data science that’s firmly grounded in your industry.

Services include:

Commercial decision support

Get data-driven answers to your toughest business questions. You’ll end up with an improved understanding of your business and market dynamics, knowledge of where the opportunities are and what interventions are really working, increasing the ability to respond to market shifts and evolving customer needs.

Analytics and data strategy

Create a strategy to maximize the opportunities to apply data and analytics to your business. A robust strategy helps you gain consensus on key commercial issues and performance questions. You’ll benefit from a much clearer understanding and greater confidence in seizing the new opportunities created by data analytics and big data. This will accelerate your progress in developing new, improved products and services, as well as operating more efficiently and effectively.

Advanced analytics enablement

Run custom-built analytics on your own. Our advanced analytics toolkit includes models and data sets that are tested and proven to work in your specific commercial setting. You’ll acquire an ability to exploit data and create insights as your team members become highly capable users of a leading edge toolkit. You’ll also reach your analytics goals more efficiently, see higher adoption of your advanced analytics systems and tools and mitigate the disruption of emerging artificial intelligence technologies.

Join the next wave of growth with real-world insights that bring your data to life.


Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.

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