L.E.K. Consulting is the leading global advisor to the packaging sector, with hundreds of projects completed around the world. We understand the packaging market across the entire value chain — from raw material suppliers and compounders to equipment and form, fill and seal (FFS) suppliers to converters to brand owners — and we are an ideal partner for companies seeking to grow or invest successfully in this sector.

We have broad packaging experience working for leaders in the sector. We help clients around the globe grow and invest successfully, focusing on M&A support services, growth strategy development, post-merger integration, operational improvement and market evaluation work. For example, we help clients develop customized strategies that increase share and capitalize on new markets and market segments.

Our deep expertise is shaped by our extensive project portfolio across the full spectrum of packaging sectors, including:

  • Primary and secondary packaging
  • Rigid and flexible packaging
  • Substrates (plastic, paper, metal, glass, etc.) and recycled/sustainable packaging substrates (PLA, degradable molded fiber, etc.)
  • Packaging products (caps and closures, labels, bottles, pouches, induction seals, etc.)
  • Equipment (FFS equipment, injection molding, blow molding, thermoforming, extrusion, lamination equipment, hot runners, molds, consumable products, etc.)
  • Value chain participants (raw material suppliers, graphic designers, printers, etc.)
  • Packaging used in specific end markets (medical device packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, personal care packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc.)

Key questions and challenges

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of key issues faced by our clients, for example:

  • What are key strategic packaging trends affecting specific sectors, and how can we take advantage of these trends to increase growth and profitability?
  • How is the value chain changing, and what are the implications for channel participants?
  • What are attractive sectors to invest in (e.g., where is there material conversion, where is innovation driving margin, what geographies/sectors have desirable demand characteristics)?


How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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