Renewable energy technologies are at the center of the global energy transition and critical to unlocking a low-carbon energy ecosystem. More developed solutions, notably solar, wind and energy storage, are cost-effectively competing with fossil-fuel incumbents but remain in the early stages of their maturity cycles. Emerging technologies and applications such as renewable diesel, renewable natural gas, sustainable aviation fuel, geothermal and hydrogen are at different points of development, and each must overcome myriad unique commercial and technology risks.

The pace of change for these renewable energy technologies is only accelerating, and key challenges and questions for market stakeholders include:

  • What is the full scale of the global and local market opportunity for specific renewable technologies?

  • How sensitive are market outlooks to changes in policy support mechanisms?

  • How will competitive market structures evolve as technologies mature?

  • What capabilities are required to win today, and how may the formula for a winning business model be different in five to 10 years?

  • How should organizations scale to sufficiently support their growth aspirations?

  • How do the current market leaders — utilities and downstream energy companies — participate to capture new profit pools?

  • How can a portfolio of technologies support mitigating commercial and technology risks? 

How we help

L.E.K. Consulting helps clients across the renewable energy landscape, including developers, asset owners, utilities, traditional energy companies, technology owners, product manufacturers, service and software companies, and private equity investors. 

We use our unique combination of analysis and insight to support renewables companies with the development and implementation of clear and cohesive strategies that consider the complex relationships between technology innovation, commercial maturity, consumer behavior and regulation. We also help clients with the challenges of structuring and sufficiently scaling their organizations and evaluating new investment targets to enable their rapid-growth plans.


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