Business Unit Strategy

Running a strategic business unit involves a mix of balancing acts. One is maintaining financial stability while making calculated bets on business opportunities. Another is making careful decisions based on facts and analysis when time is of the essence. And then there’s furthering the interests of the individual unit while bringing the greatest possible contribution to the rest of the enterprise.

To keep this balance, companies must control their own destinies. That means doing a very specific set of things consistently and in a way that delivers distinctive value to customers and the business. But it also means listening to what the data is telling you, being prepared to adapt to changing conditions and working always with an eye toward a well-defined future.

How we help

L.E.K. helps you create winning strategies that the competition will find hard to emulate. As part of our business unit services, we work with you to:

  • Clarify your strategic options
  • Optimize channel strategy across direct, indirect and digital
  • Create a winning organizational strategy
  • Drive innovation, optimize the product portfolio and successfully launch new offerings
  • Streamline supply chain and manufacturing operations
  • Manage strategy execution and corporate transformation

Your benefits

  • Higher revenue from delivering more value to the customer
  • Improved margins due to higher performance and a lower cost structure
  • Tighter alignment with corporate strategy and other business units


Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.

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