A global community of L.E.K. employees and alumni

When you join L.E.K. Consulting, you’re joining a community of people that spans the globe. There are some 8,000 current and former L.E.K. employees working in 80 different industries in over 70 different countries, and those numbers grow every year.

Through the L.E.K. Network, you can stay up to date with current and former colleagues and forge entirely new connections. Membership in this unique network starts with your L.E.K. career but also extends well beyond it, providing you with a lifetime of support, engagement and opportunities, both professional and personal.

The journey that each L.E.K. employee takes is a unique one. But the time every L.E.K. employee spends with the firm is a tie that binds, and one that continues to pay dividends, year after year, through the L.E.K. Network. Think of it as a great way to enjoy the benefits of L.E.K., even after your time at the firm!

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Notable alumni

L.E.K. alumni can be found in every sector of the economy — from manufacturing to medicine, high finance to the arts, across both public and private domains. We’re proud to have played a role in the career journeys of so many accomplished people. And we want you to know that no matter how long you were with L.E.K., we eagerly welcome your membership in the L.E.K. Network.


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