L.E.K. Consulting has been advising organizations and senior executives on strategy for over 30 years. We provide insights that help our clients make integrated strategic choices, achieving exceptional results. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that fit their needs and fulfill their strategic ambitions.

Our strategy consulting services help you answer the following questions:

What are our goals? This includes not just your vision, mission and values, but also how big you'd like your enterprise to be and how much money you intend to make. Non-financial goals – things like corporate social responsibility, brand and market position – are part of the equation as well. We temper all of these objectives and goals with consideration of the resources available to you and your appetite for risk.

Where do we want to operate? Besides the goods and services you have to offer, there’s also the matter of what industries or sectors you’d like to appeal to and the geographical regions where you plan to operate. You’ll also need clarity about customer segments, sales channels and your own role in the value chain.

How are we going to beat the competition? You may have chosen what to sell and where, but you will need a compelling value proposition, potentially tailored to different customer segments, at the right price, sold the right way within the channels you’ve selected to use. Choices around the role of innovation strategies and inorganic options (acquisitions, partnerships, JVs, etc.) may also be important.

How should we configure? Resources you have at your disposal need to be coordinated correctly to support the choices you’ve made around what, where and how. This includes ensuring you have the right mix of capabilities, a clear and effective operating model and the right level of resourcing. In addition, ensuring that incentives are aligned with behaviors commensurate with your strategy is also critical.

How do we make all of this happen? As a final step, you need to make sure you have a robust plan, with clear accountability, meaningful targets and practical work packages or initiatives. This will need to be supported by realistic budgets and investments, particularly of employees’ time, and a disciplined change process that upholds accountability and ensures transparency.

Successful strategy requires an integrated set of choices and strong commitment to change across all levels of the organization. We help our clients make these strategic choices throughout the Strategy Cascade.

The L.E.K. strategy framework


We address the critical choices facing senior executives and develop blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value. Our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with deep industry expertise and analytical firepower, enables us to provide the evidence-based analysis executives need to make informed decisions, whether that involves realigning overarching corporate strategy or identifying how individual business units can make the greatest possible contribution to the entire organization.

Our deep experience in Organizational Strategy allows us to support our clients in configuring their businesses in a way that fully supports and unlocks the value of their strategies. In addition, our heritage in shareholder value management is an asset to our clients’ ability to build value.

Once you have made these choices in a coherent way, you’re in a better position to carry them out. With world-class capabilities in Performance Improvement, Value Activation, and Mergers & Acquisitions, we are able to ensure our clients develop and deliver actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value for organizations.

In all cases, we work closely with our clients to collaboratively design solutions that fit their needs and fulfil their strategic ambitions.

We can support your strategic goals across a wide variety of needs:

Business unit strategy

Sustain a competitive advantage over industry rivals. Taking control of your business’ destiny will yield higher revenue and improved margins while tightening alignment with corporate strategy and other business units.

Corporate strategy

Manage your businesses for maximum combined value. Results include more powerfully focused business choices, better allocation of capital and a clear view on how the center can create value for the businesses — through both value-adding capabilities and synergies.

Growth strategy

Seize good opportunities for expansion. You’ll see sustainable growth rates increase, more stable profit margins and a reduction in the risk of failed initiatives. Another benefit: a larger pipeline of vetted growth opportunities.

New product and service development

Bring a customer focus to developing new products and services. We bring a customer-centric lens to the development of new offerings. A key part of this is developing an understanding of customer needs – both met and unmet – from your own product offerings plus those of your competitors in order to identify new opportunities. You’ll increase revenues and reduce the risk of failed product launches. You’ll also surface untapped product and service opportunities, and improve efficiency and speed to market, all via our customer-centric approach to innovation.

Shareholder value management

Focus on long-term value creation. L.E.K. Consulting is a pioneer in shareholder value management expertise.


Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.

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