Growth Strategy

Growing a business yields many benefits. It can attract talent, provide economies of scale, reward investors and head off obsolescence. For these and other reasons, even businesses that don’t need growth to prosper might seek it out anyway.

But not all types of growth pay off. Some can actually destroy value, as when an acquisition fails or when management spends more than it should on a given initiative. Other growth trajectories are unsustainable. And the bigger or more mature a company is, the harder it can be to achieve significant growth at all.

How we help

We help you uncover good growth opportunities in a reliable and systematic way. As part of this, we work with you to:

  • Examine your business portfolio to identify strategic growth initiatives
  • Target opportunities that are close to what your business is good at
  • Assess how well you meet your customers’ needs
  • Investigate ways to make more money from things you’ve already paid for
  • Surface ideas that exist within your own organization
  • Analyze prior failures (e.g., failed bids, lost customers, product launches that never landed, etc.) for lessons to inform future initiatives
  • Identify good ideas you can adopt from your competitors
  • Extract ideas for incremental growth from going through the customer experience
  • Model a longer-term vision for your business
  • Examine the opportunities that disruptive technology could bring about

Your benefits

  • Reduced risk of failed growth initiatives  
  • More stable profit margins as growth initiatives are pursued
  • A larger pipeline of vetted growth opportunities


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