Executives at gaming organizations face ongoing challenges as they try to grow and expand in an evolving market. Key questions for these organizations include:

  • What are the big new product development opportunities, and how should we prioritize our pipeline?
  • What is the opportunity to enter new territories by organic development or M&A?
  • How do we construct a winning bid for a new lottery or casino license?
  • How do we catch up and overtake competitors in digital?
  • How much should we be investing in loyalty and CRM, and with what loyalty strategy?

How we help

L.E.K.’s gaming expertise spans lotteries, casinos, bingo, betting services, digital (on-line and mobile gaming) and Gamtech. From strategy development and business planning to strategy activation, M&A and business performance improvement, we have the global experience to unlock value for our clients and deliver success.

We provide clients with a deep understanding of gaming markets and winning competitive strategies. Our work on operating strategies includes support for new product development, innovation, sales and marketing strategy, CRM, and distribution channel choices.

For site-based gaming businesses, we support network decisions and optimization of the physical offer, including integration with broader hospitality and entertainment offers. Digital strategies include fostering new product development and digital activation and developing an integrated multichannel approach to market. Corporate strategy services include support in license and private management bids, mergers and acquisitions, and organizational design.

L.E.K. has worked with leading international lottery operators preparing robust, long-term growth plans for their domestic operations and for entering new international markets. Our work has included all elements of operating strategy, including product, distribution, marketing, CRM, capability development (people, technology, partnerships), organization and financial plan.

Examples of our work

To learn more about L.E.K.’s work in the gaming sector, please refer to these case examples:

  • A major U.S. casino operator with limited European operations engaged L.E.K. to evaluate the potential for organic and M&A growth across Europe. We evaluated market attractiveness across the EU28 countries; developed a granular casino supply-and-demand model at the subregional level in all markets; assessed new-build economics in a number of resulting target locations; and conducted acquisition screening of all major European casino groups.
  • A lottery operator engaged L.E.K. to assess and capture opportunities for the private management of lotteries in the U.S. and other geographies. We helped the client assess more than eight jurisdictions, including four bid submissions. Our work included benchmarking to peers and best-in-class approach; developing product, distribution and marketing plans; and leading the development and modeling of bid structures and business plans.
  • A lottery business was looking to greatly expand its domestic digital gaming activities and put in place digital capabilities for international bids. L.E.K. developed digital targets for the business and assisted management in all aspects of digital planning, including innovation and new product development, activation strategies, digital channel

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