The ultimate goal for our private equity clients is a successful exit. We support them through our comprehensive vendor due diligence process.

In the past decade alone, we have supported approximately 4,000 transactions. Thanks to that extensive experience, as well as our 30-plus years as business consultants with exposure to multiple sectors, we have developed and refined a vendor due diligence framework designed to facilitate a well-structured and efficient sale.

Our vendor due diligence support is designed to facilitate a well-structured and efficient sale through:

  • Working with owners and management to craft a compelling investment thesis and narrative
  • Early identification of potential “deal-breakers” and developing mitigation strategies to address potential buyers’ concerns
  • Refining and strengthening management’s business plan
  • Identifying new sources of potential “upside” for the business
  • A comprehensive report for bidders and extracts for presentation and other communication
  • Flexible support for questions from potential buyers and lenders

How we help

At the heart of the process is our understanding of sector issues and of key issues that are on the minds of bidders. To support clients, we:

  • Provide an independent perspective on the relevant market prospects and the underlying growth drivers
  • Assess the business appropriately in its competitive environment, drawing on its relative strengths
  • Engage with market participants to position the business’s value proposition with customers  
  • Review management’s business plan, which we can further develop and refine as needed

The end result is a comprehensive report that speaks directly to the buy side. It typically combines five modules – a business overview, a market review, a competitor analysis, an assessment of growth opportunities and a detailed business plan review. What you get is a detailed look at the potential of the business — designed to meet the needs and allay the concerns of anyone weighing a decision to buy.

As a business advisor with experience that ranges far beyond financial assessment, we provide the independent commercial insight and forward-looking estimates you need to support the optimal exit.

How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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