Private equity succeeds when portfolio companies succeed. What hangs in the balance, between initial investment and exit, is the question of whether the portfolio company can seize its opportunity — by refining its strategy, expanding and sharpening its operations, building its leadership team and delivering profitable growth to support the desired outcome.

How we help

L.E.K.’s engagements with portfolio companies draw on our extensive experience as business consultants. We apply our core strategy development approaches to help portfolio companies refocus strategic direction and enhance growth.

On the operational side, we help executives re-engineer their core business processes, rationalize their manufacturing and support operations, and optimize the supply chain. We work with management teams to improve sales force effectiveness, optimize pricing and reduce costs.

Key client questions

Portfolio management teams should ask:

  • What opportunities are there to enhance the commercial performance of the business, e.g., refining the go-to-market strategy, targeting the value proposition and improving the performance of the sales force?
  • How can we expand margins through price management, including customer and channel segmentation and value pricing?
  • What opportunities exist to optimize the business footprint, drive increased performance from the supply chain and reduce operating costs?
  • How can we best align organizational capabilities with drivers of profitability and market share?
  • What bolt-on acquisition opportunities exist to strengthen current market positions, expand geographic reach and/or offer complementary products/services?

How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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