An increase in environmental regulations and the growing importance of corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives are converging to raise the importance of responsible handling of hazardous materials; environmental contaminants in soil, air and water; and damaged structures from storms and other causes. Additionally, the need for greater investment in infrastructure over the next few decades is expected to further drive demand for environmental services.

The environmental services industry covers a broad range of private and public sector activities focused on protecting and improving the environment in which we live, including environmental consulting and testing, site investigation and remediation activities and technologies, abatement of hazardous contaminants, and restoration and repair of damages in structures. 

Given all the changing dynamics in environmental services, companies and investors operating in this market are seeking to answer a number of tough questions to ensure that their strategies are growth-oriented:

  • How is the environmental services industry evolving, and where are the most attractive service segments and end-market segments for future growth?
  • How are public sector regulatory pressures and private sector ESG goals likely to impact future demand for different types of environmental services?
  • How are broader stakeholder pressures impacting the need for environmental services, including pressure from both shareholders and customers?
  • What are the highest-priority growth opportunities, and what is required in order to win?
  • What capabilities are required to address attractive growth opportunities?
  • What are the winning business models, channel strategies and ways of leveraging technology for companies in the environmental services markets? 

How we help

L.E.K. Consulting has been deeply involved in environmental services sector work for more than 20 years. We bring a unique combination of analysis and insight to the environmental services space, as well as a broader knowledge of ESG, carbon management and related topics. 

We help businesses develop focused growth strategies and make critical go-to-market and investment-related decisions. Our experience spans the entire environmental services value chain. Key areas of expertise include:

  • Environmental services consulting 
  • Environmental testing and analytics 
  • Environmental remediation services, including:
    • Environmental drilling
    • In situ/ex situ remediation (chemical, thermal, dig and haul, etc.)
    • Soil and water
  • Contaminant abatement (asbestos, mold, lead, etc.)
  • Environmental-related geotechnical services