Loyalty & Customer Experience

Today, firms are concerned with all aspects of engagement across the customer life cycle. The way companies think about customer experience is becoming increasingly omnichannel in nature. Enhancing the digital experience is gaining equal footing with — and becoming inseparable from — the optimization of human interactions in the physical world.

At the same time, companies want to build true loyalty among their customers, to keep them coming back and recommending them to others. Traditional loyalty programs play a role, but must go beyond rewards and incentives. A loyalty strategy must deepen customer relationships through greater understanding of and more relevant conversations with their target segments.

There is an explicit connection between customer experience and loyalty; without a great experience, there is no path to true loyalty, and without loyalty strategy touching the digital and physical experience, programs risk being undifferentiated. Both loyalty and customer experiences provide essential elements of building a relationship with your customers, amounting to more than a simple transactional focus. They reduce the likelihood of loss to a competitor by reshaping the way customers think about, choose, use and endorse the goods or services you provide.

How we help

Our goal is to help you Increase customer traction by providing the seamless experience they want. We combine data and customer insight to help you create a world-class customer experience at every stage of the customer journey, from acquisition and development through commitment and retention. As part of this, we work with you to address the following questions:

  • Does your company have a truly differentiated brand positioning and target group? Focusing on the core customer group is essential — too often, brands try to appeal to such a diverse audience that they dilute the experience and do not appeal strongly to anybody.
  • Does your current customer relationship model really reflect how customer behavior is changing? Companies should be ready to redefine their business model around the customers they serve, not the products or services they sell — all while developing a cohesive experience across touchpoints.
  • Is your company culture in sync with customer excellence? All consumer businesses should strive to deliver an authentic, consistent and compelling experience, and link the experience to the corporate ethos and brand identity.

In addition, L.E.K. supports many of the world’s largest, most innovative loyalty programs in retail, hospitality, airlines and consumer services. From this experience, we’ve developed ways to bring together the distinctly different drivers of “true loyalty” and directly motivated behaviors, and then apply them throughout the customer journey. Specifically, we can help you:

  • Identify customer pain points and develop plans to eliminate them
  • Turn up opportunities to delight the customer
  • Develop compelling programs that reinforce loyalty while remaining true to the brand, competitively differentiated and cost-effective
  • Retool existing programs to reflect changing needs
  • Build in elements that reinforce loyalty across the customer life cycle through personalization, gamification and outstanding customer experiences
  • Measure success and provide for the continued evolution of the customer experience that your company provides

Your benefits

  • Greater profitability and loyalty via customer advocacy
  • Lower cost of sales from stronger recommendations among customers
  • Differentiated customer experiences with high return on investment (ROI)
  • An improved ability to serve targeted customer segments

Examples of our work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • We helped this global hospitality group create an innovative approach to customer service that hiked targeted revenue streams by more than 40%.
  • A specialty grocery chain engaged L.E.K. to help design a compelling and unique customer experience, resulting in soaring customer satisfaction and 20% growth in comparable sales.
  • We worked with a major airline to retool its rewards program so that it reinforced the most beneficial customer behavior, setting a standard that the rest of the industry scrambled to meet.

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