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Providing a high-impact experience for customers

Delivering impactful experiences is crucial in today’s landscape. As shopping paradigms continue to evolve with the advent of ecommerce and mobile technology, brands must provide seamless, personalized, and immersive customer journeys. To foster loyalty, they must also encourage repeat interactions by building deep, long-lasting relationships. Achieving these goals requires having a deep understanding of customer needs, being adaptable to changing expectations, and integrating advanced technologies — all while maintaining a relentless commitment to customer-centric practices throughout the organization. In a world where customer experience reigns supreme, those who master this art will thrive. To get there, organizations need answers to questions such as:

  • What are the emerging trends in digital experiences that must be considered in order to maintain a competitive edge within the industry? Can these state-of-the-art experiences not just attract but retain customers? 

  • How can a consistent brand image and message be maintained across all digital touchpoints?

  • Which key performance indicators should be collected and evaluated to both measure the success of the experience and guide improvements? 

  • What types of content align best with our organization’s target customer profile, and how can we personalize outreach and messaging in a way that caters to varying customer needs?

  • Which capabilities (e.g., technologies, roles) currently exist, and which incremental capabilities are required, to craft these experiences effectively?

  • How can enhanced employee experiences enable increased efficiency or collaboration to deliver business growth?

  • How can we make the experience of working for a company better to increase the employee value proposition and better equip our talent? 

How we help provide a high-impact experience for customers

L.E.K. has been defining customer experiences for decades. By taking this knowledge and combining it with our digital expertise, we enable you to:

  • Analyze the interactions that a customer engages with at each touchpoint in order to understand their preferences (e.g., channels, messages) and, by extension, align the overall experience with their individual needs

  • Outline an approach to establishing a digital marketplace by defining and optimizing the purchasing journey through various elements (e.g., loyalty programs, fulfillment services) 

  • Provide a seamless experience across various channels (e.g., website, mobile, app) to deliver consistent, personalized, and more unified messages to individual customers

  • Leverage our design and development capability partner Hi Mum Said Dad to craft customer-centric, compelling prototypes  

Your benefits

By leveraging L.E.K.’s digital experiences capabilities, companies have the potential to:

  • Boost customer lifetime value (LTV)

  • Drive loyalty through increased customer engagement 

  • Improve scalability

  • Expand brand awareness and reach

Case examples: providing a high-impact experience for customers

To learn more about how we help clients provide a high-impact experience for their customers, please refer to these insights and case examples:

  • A manufacturer of structural product solutions with diverse clients, no existing consumer relationships, and an amazing product needed to determine the right way to capitalize on an e-commerce opportunity in the residential market. L.E.K. applied its deep market insights to developing the robust market size and growth potential across all channels. We then  layered a robust customer perspective on top to validate when and where needs are met and the jobs to be done. In conjunction, we used L.E.K.’s Digital Customer Lifecycle assessment to evaluate the competitive landscape and how customers experience digital commerce today. We delivered to the client a synthesized tactical path to rapidly gain share and enter new channels, with a clear measurement of when it was winning. The action plan and playbook gave the client the confidence to grow their roughly 4% share some 15% p.a. in the digital channels. 

  • One of the largest hardware co-ops wanted to enable its members to accelerate their growth and competitiveness through e-commerce. After setting the co-op’s 5-year growth strategy, L.E.K. doubled down in setting its e-commerce path, which required in-depth analysis of how to create local differentiation and experience while enabling the scale of a national e-commerce player. We then began putting together the building blocks required to deliver ecommerce in the most efficient, flexible, and profitable way possible. Once the road map was in hand, we worked with the co-op to define the requirements and next steps for execution — including selecting key partnerships across technology and implementation. Not only is the co-op implementing the systems and setting up the organization to deliver e-commerce with an eye toward nearly $1 billion more in revenue, but its member numbers are poised to grow. 

  • A watch manufacturer was looking to evaluate and improve its digital direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy and digital customer experience in light of competition from upstart market entrants, and had broad questions around what was right for its brand. L.E.K. set out to understand the role of digital DTC social platform commerce, livestreaming, and the metaverse in order to parse out what is meaningful and practical to deliver value. We also took a deep dive into the digital customer lifecycle and the full funnel impact of marketing spend on driving DTC sales. We took an even deeper look into merchandising, how to scale channel management, and the proper set-up to deliver enhanced experiences. The revised digital value proposition and optimized customer journey set the client up to expand DTC sales to some 20% of the business within three years and identify new revenue pools with significant profit expansion.

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