Businesses in both hard and soft facilities management face a number of strategic challenges, driven by the need to provide greater efficiency, particularly in the public sector, and the evolution of new service offerings from innovative providers.

FM companies are seeking to develop more integrated service offerings, or “total FM,” resulting in consolidation and acquisition opportunities for strategic investors. Identifying new opportunities related to environmental challenges is also increasingly important.

The depressed property market and increased technology use have also created a number of challenges and opportunities for property service companies. L.E.K. helps leading FM providers identify optimal areas for investment to build a winning competitive position.

How we help

We help FM providers create services and business models that deliver value to customers and shareholders by addressing a number of core questions:

  • What are the supply and demand trends in my sector?
  • How will new trends, such as in-housing, affect my business?
  • Which businesses should I consider as acquisition targets?
  • How will new regulation affect my business model?
  • What is the addressable market for low-carbon FM services?
  • How can I exploit new routes to market (e.g., online real estate agents)?

Examples of our work

Examples of property and FM engagements include:

  • Developing a range of service propositions based around carbon sustainability for a food and FM company, including an in-depth review of the level of carbon emitted throughout its catering and FM operations
  • Analyzing customer trends, competitive position and channel share of the market for an Australian work-wear provider, including a detailed analysis of competitors, customers and its relative position in the market
  • Conducting a strategic review and due diligence on the business plan of a European provider of water solutions as it was preparing for a refinancing process
  • For a leading real estate adviser, conducting a strategic review to identify growth opportunities in North America, and to respond to increased globalization and integration of service offerings by competitors
  • Helping a private equity client conduct a vendor due diligence review to quantify the potential value of a U.K. online property portal for potential sale
  • For a private equity firm seeking to refinance its investment, providing a market assessment of its portfolio company, a provider of vacant property products and services across Europe and the U.S., and identifying the macroeconomic drivers of demand in the U.S. market

How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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