At the core of our consumer tech practice is our commitment to placing consumers’ needs first, a principle that guides the product and growth strategies we offer in the fast-paced consumer technology space. We bring our clients wide-ranging expertise across numerous business models, including product sales, subscription sales and “freemium” models, delivering indispensable support to businesses at all stages, from startups to established enterprises. 


Our services range from analyzing international market opportunities and assessing early investments to advising on product launches and product evolution to shaping marketing and channel strategies. Backed by a network of industry experts, we equip our clients to make strategic decisions grounded in thorough analysis and market insights.

Central to our practice is identifying and analyzing emerging trends, empowering clients with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Whether it involves advising on the development of cutting-edge consumer electronics, assessing the impact of digital publishing on the media landscape, or navigating the expansive realms of gaming/gambling and CTV (connected TV), we are dedicated to delivering valuable insights and helping our clients seize timely opportunities. 

Our consumer tech practice combines technology leadership with cross-practice collaboration, enabling clients to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape confidently. As industry thought leaders, we stay abreast of emerging trends, provide strategic guidance and unlock value for our clients in the consumer tech space. We are dedicated to delivering insights that align with specific business objectives and transforming challenges into opportunities. 

Examples of our work

  • Developed an M&A strategy for a digital publisher  

  • Evaluated the competitive dynamics of the online retail landscape 

  • Performed a digital strategy for a consumer electronics brand to support strategic channel investment 

  • Supported the successful launch of one of the first digital multichannel video provider services 

  • Evaluated the competitive dynamics of the ride-hail market, including strategic ways to win in a two-sided marketplace from both the consumer and driver perspectives 

  • Assessed the range of early-stage investments in the video game space and developed a set of prioritized acquisition areas for a major industry player 

Sector Experience

Applications and Accessories 

L.E.K. supports clients in the applications and accessories sector, aiding them in navigating product development, market trends and strategic partnerships. We help drive innovation and growth in this rapidly evolving sector. 

Consumer Electronics 

Clients in the consumer electronics sector face dynamic market changes and stiff competition. We assist these businesses in strategic planning, product innovation and customer engagement strategies. 

Consumer Internet 

Consumer internet clients operate in a complex and fast-paced digital environment. We provide strategic guidance on user acquisition, monetization strategies and navigation of regulatory landscapes. 

Digital Publishing 

Digital publishing clients are transforming the way content is consumed. We partner with them to identify market opportunities, develop digital strategies and enhance user experiences. 


The gaming sector (including the gambling market) is experiencing rapid growth. L.E.K. serves as a strategic guide for clients in both the video game and casino/lottery industries, assisting with market shifts, strategic planning and investment decisions. Our expertise helps businesses unlock growth potential and, in the case of video games, improve player engagement. 

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