Advance Digital Maturity

Achieving digital maturity

Digital impacts virtually every aspect of a business. Customers, channels, and competitors are all going digital — both in how they configure and operate their businesses as well as how they go to market. To succeed, companies must critically evaluate their current digital performance and capabilities, and decide what they need to do in order to sustain or improve their competitive advantage going forward. Doing so requires prioritizing, and making sound choices on multiple fronts. But done right, a robust digital strategy — along with a plan for transforming the organization to deliver on it — creates massive benefits. In order to achieve the level of digital maturity they need to succeed, we encourage our clients to ask themselves a series of questions:

  • What are our existing digital capabilities and limitations and how do they align to our core business objectives and overall strategic goals? And which of them are possible today vs. down the road, if at all?

  • What technologies, data, external partners, vendors, or ecosystems do we need in order to accelerate our digital maturity and transformation? 

  • How will we collect, store, and analyze data to drive digital transformation? What are the key data privacy and security considerations that will need to be addressed?

  • Based on my organization’s goals, how do we know what to prioritize and where to make investments for the best return?

  • What are the factors we need to consider when developing a business case for investing in technology solutions? 

  • Do we have the right talent and skills within the organization, or do we need to hire or train? How will we manage the cultural and organizational changes that come with digital maturity?

  • What key performance indicators should we use to measure the success of our organization’s digital maturity?

  • What is a realistic timeline and roadmap for our organization to achieve our desired digital transformation? What are the risks and mitigations associated with that transformation?

How we help with digital maturity

We use our extensive digital experience to create straightforward and effective solutions that are specific to your business. Working together, we enable you to:

  • Conduct a comprehensive digital assessment that makes clear your organization’s current level of digital maturity

  • Delve deep into customer, employee, ecosystem system met and unmet needs

  • Align on a north star digital vision supporting an organization’s growth strategy

  • Define and establish metrics that align with your vision of future digital maturity 

  • Perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the optimal allocation of financial, human, and other resources that will illuminate the tradeoffs of particular investment decisions 

  • Develop a change management framework to ensure your organization is brought along on the transformation

Your benefits

  • A clear understanding of where your organization stands today and the opportunities for future advancement

  • Alignment of what is practical with a roadmap that enables you to get to your desired level of digital maturity

  • Clarity as to what the best digital strategy is for you — be it broad or targeted — complete with investment priorities designed to achieve your desired results 

Case examples: achieving digital maturity

To learn more about how we help clients achieve digital maturity, please refer to these insights and case examples: 

  • A leading steel manufacturer required new capabilities to compete and win in the market. Using our Digital Capability Assessment Framework, we dove deep into understating how ‘digital’ all four of its business units and six functional groups were. We looked at peers and leading practices for digital in more advanced sectors to see where the opportunities for growth lay, and worked closely with the client to re-imagine and construct a new Data & Analytics operating model. We also provided it with highly bespoke frameworks it is now using to make key people-process-technology choices, such as which aspects of advanced analytics to build internally vs. partnering. The client subsequently established a clear digital agenda and team to achieve operational savings targets and drive profitability throughout the organization totaling several hundred million USD in cumulative EBITDA benefit over the next 10 years.

  • A top manufacturer of water quality solutions for residential, industrial, municipal, and commercial customers needed to develop an e-commerce strategy. L.E.K. created a digital playbook that prioritized product categories for e-commerce, evaluated each category’s e-commerce fundamentals, and developed each category’s e-commerce vision, strategy, and business case. The team assessed the client’s digital/e-commerce capabilities, prioritized products for its digital channels, evaluated its e-commerce fundamentals, built a supporting business case, and proposed various change management solutions. The result was a clear vision of product-level e-commerce strategies with prioritized initiatives, roadmaps, business cases, and deep customer and channel understandings.

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