Organizational Strategy

Today's organizational challenges are multifaceted, requiring the use of data-driven, evidence-based approaches to understand key issues and craft the required solutions. L.E.K.'s Organizational Strategy practice helps clients define the right organizational choices to drive business success. Each organization is unique in its history, culture and strategy. We tailor our work to explicitly incorporate these dimensions.

Employees are the engine of an organization. They can be a driving force of profitable growth but also a major source of ineffectiveness. Whether our clients are looking to redesign major parts of their organization or are seeking a health check on their current one, we provide a robust and objective service to ensure they meet their desired organizational objectives.

Organizational design

We help clients implement a range of organizational design solutions, from partial redesign and corporate governance changes to full organizational transformation. We have developed a comprehensive Organizational Design Framework to address our clients' organizational design needs. We help clients navigate an integrated set of choices, while closely linking organizational choices with business portfolio and strategic positioning choices.

Organizational effectiveness

You can't manage what you don't measure. Our Organizational Excellence (OEX) Diagnostic Tool provides a rapid assessment of existing organizational performance using a structured on-line or app-based survey.

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