Our Enterprise Software practice is dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of complex, high-growth organizations. Through collaboration with industry veterans, we deliver valuable insights and customized recommendations that drive business growth and support strategic change. With our deep industry knowledge and extensive, vertical-specific experience, we enable clients to uncover opportunities and make informed, impactful decisions in rapidly changing competitive landscapes.  


Teams benefit from seamless strategy integration with their existing strategic roadmap and decision-making frameworks. By leveraging our industry expertise and technological acumen, we empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their teams, gaining a competitive advantage and achieving sustainable success.


We offer integrated capabilities covering product strategy, go-to-market tactics, change management and more. These tailored solutions cater to the needs of enterprise software companies, regardless of their maturity level, delivery model (on-premises or software as a service), cloud or infrastructure focus, private equity involvement. Our expertise empowers software companies to make strategic moves and thrive in their respective markets. 

Examples of our work

  • Developed a go-to-market strategy for a software platform that provides project collaboration and management solutions 

  • Devised a pricing and packaging strategy for a marketing software company 

  • Validated the M&A strategy of a financial software platform 

  • Performed pricing, growth strategy and competitive review for the leading online information services platform used by law firms and corporate law departments 

  • Conducted a strategic review and growth opportunity assessment for an insurance company 

  • Created a pricing strategy for a construction management software company 

Sector experience


Fintech clients operate at the intersection of finance and technology. We guide these businesses through market shifts, aiding in strategic planning and investment decisions and helping them navigate regulatory complexities. 

Human Capital Management

L.E.K. works with human capital management clients to design and implement strategies that drive growth. We help these businesses navigate talent acquisition, workforce management and employee engagement challenges. 

Legal Tech

Legal tech clients are transforming the legal landscape. We support them in their journey, advising on product development strategies, market analysis and business planning to maximize their potential. 

Marketing and Sales Tech

Clients in marketing and sales tech look to L.E.K. for guidance on strategic planning, customer acquisition strategies and technological adaptation to meet changing market dynamics. 

Real Estate Tech

Real estate tech clients disrupt the property market with innovative solutions. We help them understand market trends, evaluate investment opportunities and formulate growth strategies. 

Supply Chain Tech

Supply chain tech clients are redefining global logistics. We help them identify growth opportunities, streamline operations and implement effective business strategies. 

Transportation Tech

Transportation tech clients are reshaping the transport sector. We assist them in market assessment, strategic planning and investment decisions to enhance their competitive edge. 

Education Tech (Edtech)

Edtech clients are revolutionizing the education sector. We support them in evaluating market opportunities, devising strategic plans and making informed investment decisions to boost their competitive advantage. 

How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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