As the relationship between artists and consumers becomes increasingly direct and the distribution methods for music increasingly fragmented, music and radio companies need new strategies for forecasting trends, evaluating emerging platforms and leveraging fan bases.

L.E.K. is at the forefront of advising music and radio clients in the midst of a rapidly changing content environment.

We are current on the issues facing music companies today, and we advise major music companies on digital music strategy and managing the decline of physical music. We also counsel clients on how to generate ancillary revenue from live performances, merchandise, etc.

Furthermore, we help radio clients deal with digital disruption, profit from new revenue streams, and successfully complete mergers and acquisitions.

Key questions and challenges

With the rapidly evolving environment in the music and radio industries, clients need answer to the following questions:

  • How are iGen, Gen Z and millennials changing the industry with their new needs and preferences?
  • How are older demographics changing their consumption preferences, and how fast?
  • What new monetization models work and don’t work?
  • How fast will new platforms and new technologies penetrate the market?
  • How stable are cash flows?
  • How do we evaluate new technologies to develop better monetization and higher growth?
  • How are new disruptors killing the established companies, and how can traditional companies fight back?

Examples of our work

Working in the music and radio industry, L.E.K. has:

  • Forecasted digital services such as online radio streaming and online audio ads
  • Assisted buyers and sellers with value-creating acquisition
  • Provided reliable forecasts of music publishing revenues around the world
  • Analyzed new consumer behaviors to profit from new consumer trends
  • Called the optimal points in the market at which to buy and sell assets, recognizing market tops and bottoms well before other forecasters
  • Analyzed many specialty niche areas as well as diverse geographies
  • Assisted with music rate cases for many different parties
  • Performed due diligence on many of the leading music companies and radio groups, supporting the largest transactions in both spaces

Case Studies

How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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