The energy and environment sectors have become inextricably linked as companies around the world transition to more sustainable and socially responsible strategies for managing and safeguarding the world’s natural resources. 

Companies competing in this space span the energy spectrum, from renewable energy technologies to alternative fuels such as hydrogen to conventional fossil fuels and power and utilities. Energy also incorporates the enabling technologies supporting electrification, a smarter grid and the transition to lower-carbon energy. On the environment side, key industries include consumer and industrial waste management and recycling, water and air quality management, and environmental testing, remediation and contaminant abatement.

It’s clear that the pace of change in the energy and environment sectors is accelerating rapidly. In response, the most successful and innovative companies are seeking out new growth opportunities, evaluating alternative business models, and leveraging technology and digital transformation. 

How we help

Energy and environment companies partner with L.E.K. to develop and deliver strategies that drive growth, create competitive advantage, unlock profit and value creation opportunities, and mitigate risk. Our approach is highly objective and fact-based; we marshal our deep industry expertise and sophisticated analytics to identify solutions to complex issues and build confidence and alignment among management teams so they can take informed strategic action. 

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