As the global population grows, so does the importance of issues surrounding waste reduction and continued efforts toward achieving a “circular economy.” In the meantime, existing waste management and recycling systems are continuing to face challenges due to current waste levels. Regionally, recycling infrastructure is inconsistent and varied, placing additional pressure on market participants throughout the value chain. 

How we help

Waste management organizations from around the world have come to L.E.K. Consulting for more than 30 years for assistance with a range of strategic issues across municipal, residential, commercial, industrial and hazardous waste markets. We have helped businesses manage their cash flow, evaluate and prioritize assets and markets, and determine key recycling opportunities within the parameters of regulatory activity and the macroenvironment. We also support industry M&A activity on both the buy-side and sell-side.

Our depth of experience extends beyond a thorough understanding of waste management. It also includes expertise on developing strategies for waste reduction and elimination for players across the industry, as well as for government and nongovernmental agencies focused on this critical issue.

We understand the comprehensive range of steps within the waste and recycling stream — from collection and sorting, to cleaning and reprocessing, to product conversion, production, filling, and eventual consumer usage and disposal. Our firm has experience working with waste management companies of all sizes, including national and regional companies — as well as transfer stations, landfill and energy-from-waste operations and management, and waste recycling businesses.

With our experience comes a unique combination of rigorous analysis and tangible insight into the waste management space, as well as broader knowledge of related industries. Having also worked for industry leaders in energy, chemicals and packaging, we have a 360-degree view of the waste and recycling stream, and a keen understanding of the critical issues our clients in this arena face. 


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