The digital revolution is reaching beyond simple ecommerce to recast business models and turn entire industries upside down. From consumer sectors to media, life sciences to industrials, or any other industry, the pace of digital change is only accelerating. But to capitalize on the opportunities that digital affords while also avoiding any threats that it poses, businesses must proceed based on knowledge — not guesswork. To that end, L.E.K. Consulting helps its clients seize the opportunity to grow and disrupt with technology, data, and new ways of working through a collection of key offerings:

Assess Digital Potential – L.E.K. assesses its clients’ digital potential by evaluating their digital performance and potential relative to their direct peers through:

  • Rapid evaluation of digital performance
  • Digital benchmarking vs. peer firms
  • Digital opportunity assessment

Advance Digital Maturity – In order to help clients advance their digital maturity by developing their digital vision, prioritizing their investments, and managing their change management efforts, L.E.K. offers:

  • Digital maturity assessment 
  • Art of the practical
  • Strategy development and investment prioritization
  • Transformation roadmap

Unlock the Power of AI – L.E.K. works with clients to develop and implement a strategy that unlocks and maximizes the value of AI by way of:

  • AI use case identification and business case development 
  • Pilot program design and management
  • AI transformation roadmap

Launch and Amplify Disruptive Businesses – To assist clients with launching and amplifying disruptive businesses, L.E.K. establishes and implements strategies for new digital products and business models through:

  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Product and business model development and business case creation
  • Product prototyping, development, and launch

Deliver Impactful Experiences – Delivering impactful experiences has become table stakes, which is why organizations looking to launch or optimize their digital experiences in order to enhance marketing, facilitate commerce, enhance employee experiences, and develop new customer insights turn to L.E.K. for:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • E-commerce strategy and roadmap
  • Employee experience design
  • Omnichannel strategy

Deliver a Digital Culture – L.E.K. helps clients create a digital culture, setting the operating model, organization, and key processes to capture the full value of digital through:

  • Digital operating models
  • Innovation process optimization
  • Infusion data-driven decision making
  • Agile working methods


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