Joint Ventures & Alliances

Team up under an alternative structure that works.

Joint ventures (JVs) and alliances are an attractive alternative to buying another company. Sometimes, structures like these are your best bet for accessing certain resources or markets. They can get you to market faster than a merger or acquisition, or help address industry structural challenges. They also mitigate your downside risk by sharing it with a partner and by limiting your upfront investment.

That said, the success of a JV or an alliance depends a great deal on the decisions you make upfront. They include getting clear on your strategic objectives, selecting the right partner and performing due diligence. You’ll also need to decide on each party’s contributions and what those mean from an economic and financial standpoint.

How we help

We support your joint venture or partnership efforts by doing the following:

  • Review your strategic plan for areas that are critical to the project
  • Identify and characterize potential partnership structures
  • Develop a perspective on the most value-creating partner(s) for the client
  • Assess potential risks of market concentration or similar regulatory issues (antitrust, Competition Commission in the UK, ACCC, etc.)
  • Model the economics of various partnership options
  • Identify poor alliance performance and establish new terms to remedy issues
  • Create metrics and quantitative models to identify and evaluate new alliance opportunities continually
  • Develop recommendations on the best path forward

Your benefits

  • Advance knowledge of the partnership’s potential costs and benefits
  • Reduced friction among partners as a result of heading off issues and misunderstandings
  • A fact base to support your negotiations with the prospective partner

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