A global pharmaceutical company was facing biosimilar entry for its biologic asset. The company’s goal was to optimize the late life cycle opportunity for its asset through the development of a globally coherent pricing and access strategy.

L.E.K.’s approach

L.E.K. Consulting conducted extensive primary and secondary (analogue) research to characterize the pricing and access landscape post-biosimilar launch in approximately 10 deep-dive markets. We worked to develop a market archetyping framework for local strategy adaptation and developed a set of pricing and access-related recommendations in response to biosimilar entry.

We also developed a quantitative model to project the asset’s volume, revenue and earnings before interest and taxes across more than 30 countries, accounting for the impact of the recommended pricing and access levers.

Value delivered to the client

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Pricing Strategy for a Recently Commercialized Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug
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Explore our successful engagement with a biopharma company seeking to define optimal pricing for a newly released rheumatoid arthritis drug.

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