Major Capital Projects Advisory

Major capital project stakeholders — owners, sponsors, bidders and operators — face complex strategic and operational challenges throughout the project delivery value chain and in optimising their capital projects portfolios.

L.E.K. Consulting’s Major Capital Projects Advisory (MCPA) team deploys multidisciplinary teams with deep industry knowledge and substantive capital project experience to provide project advisory services at any point in a major project life-cycle  — planning and executing large scale programs for clients in the transportation, industrial, energy and technology spaces.

We specialize in developing and executing sustainable solutions for complex and troubled projects and combine our experience with a proven approach to review and optimise major capital project portfolios.

Our MCPA methodology integrates world-class strategy with focused, nimble execution to deliver value through capital expenditure and operations

major capital projects advisory MCPA

Our team

L.E.K. teams are specifically selected to offer strategic insight and bring the right skills to bear at the right time, with deep knowledge of functional areas including option identification and prioritisation, modelling of project economics, project and program management, supply chain and risk management, and construction productivity. Our people have best-in-class leadership and partnering skills that enable them to work side by side with client teams in every phase of the project.

Rather than apply a single, formulaic approach to every situation, we are flexible and apply experienced-based, proven improvement methodologies and data analytics tools to the unique facts we encounter on every major capital project.

We are laser focused on overall project success, working with client teams to target and reduce risks, guarantee compliance, and deliver maximum performance.

What we do

Our Major Capital Projects Advisory team works with clients to deliver on:

  • Capital strategy, capital allocation and portfolio optimization
  • Project feasibility, delivery strategy and value improvement
  • Operational strategies that achieve value for money (VFM)
  • Identifying and mitigating project risks
  • Managing stakeholders and regulatory requirements
  • Establishing and managing procurement processes
  • Designing project organisations, governance, and technology platforms
  • Improving efficiency of asset maintenance

How we help

Our client-engagement models are proven and tailored for every project. We partner with our clients to deliver rapid diagnostics, project module combinations, or time and materials projects.

These engagement models enable us to provide focused advisory services quickly at key stages in the life cycle to make sure major capital projects run more smoothly and stay on budget, and on schedule, or to intervene on projects to address specific operational issues.

We work with our clients throughout the entire major capital project development process, including:

  • Planning – We will help in any stage of the planning process and can act as an impartial third party to ensure that all planning steps are logical and thorough

  • Program management — We work with clients to embed effective program management from project inception — but we are also experienced in intervention at any stage

  • Project management — We evaluate each major capital project’s unique requirements to determine the time, effort and resources necessary to deliver an on-time and on-budget project

  • Contract strategy and contracting — Our thorough understanding of the optimal use case for each contract model helps ensure risks are appropriately managed for each project

  • Capital expenditure optimisation — Our methodology for optimising capital expenditure ensures designs and operating parameters are fit-for-purpose and operations-focused

  • Risk transfer — We actively consider the risks in major capital projects and examine optimal ways to transfer or mitigate them

  • Procurement — We assist our clients in establishing procurement functions that optimise capital spend, control costs and ensure budget compliance across the program

  • Stakeholder management — We have deep experience with engaging internal and external stakeholders on capital projects


How can we help you with your Major Capital Project needs?