Companies operating across the distribution, agencies, and tourism ecosystem benefit from L.E.K.’s depth and breadth of market knowledge. Clients turn to us to develop strategies that unlock profits, manage risks and create new opportunities. Global hotel chains, resorts and casinos, tour operators and cruise lines, car rental agencies, and other channel participants such as GDSs and OTAs choose to partner with us because our experts have the deep industry and operational expertise required to give them a lasting competitive advantage.

Our core capabilities in this sector include advising clients on guest experience, customer loyalty, revenue enhancement, growth strategy, distribution strategy, profit optimization, marketing effectiveness, and mergers and acquisitions and alliances.

Key questions and challenges

Executives charged with maintaining and growing airport logistics need to ask themselves a number of questions, including:

  • How can we optimize our products or services to differentiate the guest experience?
  • How can we foster sustained loyalty from our customers?
  • How should we invest in enabling optionality and personalization and toward what objectives?
  • What are the optimal merchandising strategies, upselling strategies, and new products and services that will drive ancillary revenue growth?
  • In today’s rapidly evolving distribution landscape, how can we make the best use of all available distribution strategies?
  • What analytics will help us best understand and optimize our marketing activities?
  • How should we identify, validate, and value new, inorganic growth opportunities?

Examples of our work

In advising the leading travel and tourism providers and helping answer their most critical questions, we apply a wealth of expertise from our adjacent practices, including Airlines, Media and Entertainment, and Retail and Consumer Products. Select examples of our work include instances when we have:

  • Redefined a major luxury hotel’s guest experience, driving significant improvements in guest satisfaction and double-digit increases in ancillary revenue.
  • Identified new service-offering opportunities for a major global hotel chain, creating huge gains in annual cash flow.
  • Developed a turnaround strategy for a major (but ailing) vacation resort operator, resulting in increased guest count, improved cost structure and enhanced operating margins.
  • Led a profit-optimization engagement with one of the world’s leading gaming destinations, leading to transformational cost savings.
  • Created an international growth strategy for a leading chain of vacation resorts, identifying several viable acquisition targets in new geographies.

How do we help clients achieve high-impact results?

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