Both private and public education organizations face a variety of complex challenges, including how online channels will influence their business plans, what new services should be developed to build a sustainable position in new markets and which geographic markets present the best opportunities for expansion.

These organizations look to L.E.K. Consulting for support in developing strategies to deal with disruptions in their markets and to understand growth opportunities in new sectors and geographies, including developing countries. Members of L.E.K.’s Global Education practice have unrivalled experience and a superior track record across all education segments in more than 90 countries. The team has led on-site engagements across six continents and in all education segments.

How we help

Our education team advises investors, operators and foundations. We have more than 40 dedicated specialists who combined have worked on over 600 engagements. As a result, we have cutting-edge knowledge and in-depth understanding of the key trends and issues in the education industry. Organizations routinely engage us to:

Identify and characterize opportunities: With sustainable growth and profitability as strategic imperatives, we provide our clients with an aggregated overview of both regional and global education markets, the market demand and the competitive landscape. This helps our clients identify commercial opportunities and relationships, which is an essential step in establishing and strengthening regional and global presence. Developing holistic business models and brand value propositions helps our clients achieve the desired synergy in the market.

Define winning strategies: We help clients build and transform unique insights into actionable, tactical initiatives that are in line with their goals and objectives. We accomplish this by conducting a deep-dive assessment of the target’s educational assets and competitive positioning. Powerful analytics and significant expertise allow us to build an integrated framework to help our clients facilitate growth.

Evaluate key growth-potential areas: For clients seeking to increase their offerings by expanding into adjacent education subsectors, we help assess the growth potential of the opportunity. We then advise on creating a high-level business plan, taking into account the client’s specific priorities, to create a differentiated proposition for the target market.

Create value from the ecosystem: We leverage our partnerships across the education network — in innovation, talent, capital and impact — to support our clients in diligence, strategy development, private equity investments, mergers and acquisitions, and other areas.

Our goal is to provide the best and most comprehensive information to premier education and private equity firms across the globe. To that end, we curate education experts who leverage their knowledge and world-class analytical capabilities to deliver fact-based solutions and to help clients achieve high-impact results.

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Examples of our work

L.E.K. has advised clients to achieve profitable growth and strong returns through projects on growth strategies, site feasibility assessment, transactional advisory and more. Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • We refined a dual curriculum market strategy for a prestigious British school operator by evaluating and identifying high-potential cities across China. We also helped with a deep-dive assessment of the market landscape and potential demand forecasting.
  • We helped define an effective digital strategy for a renowned French business school through a three-step approach: assessing the school’s digital initiatives; conducting in-depth primary and secondary research on digital best practices specific to student recruitment, student engagement and community building; and prioritizing digital initiatives to improve student outreach and sales conversion.
  • We assessed East African student acquisition opportunities for a European country’s higher education institutions. Working with the country’s embassy in Africa, we examined the market landscape and student outflow mobility from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. We also evaluated the country’s competitive positioning and advantages as a study-abroad destination; identified key opportunities and partnerships; and developed go-to-market and promotion strategies.
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