Background and challenge

The arrival of new transport technologies has created opportunities to make the existing transport network more efficient, user friendly and safe. Emerging technologies are also enabling innovative business models to develop that can complement (and in some situations substitute) the traditional role of public transport.

In Australia, Transport for New South Wales has seen these advances in technology as an opportunity to increase the efficiency and personalisation in the customer journey, as well as a means to unlock the full value of New South Wales’ transport networks.

Approach and recommendations

L.E.K. Consulting worked with Transport for New South Wales to develop a 10-20 year future technology roadmap, which documented the potential impact disruptive technologies may have on the future role of government and the New South Wales transport market.

We applied a scenario planning approach to identify priority policy and investment initiatives the New South Wales government would need to consider in response – with a view to reducing travel times, growing patronage of public transport, and improving the customer experience across the transport system into the future.


Following the analysis conducted, Transport for New South Wales adopted five future technology strategies to help guide its future planning and to create a transport system that is digitally connected and customer-centric.

The Future Technology Roadmap was launched in 2016 and has guided much of Transport for New South Wales’ recent work, including launching on-demand transport pilots, the Intrapreneurs’ Innovation Program and the Open Data Hub.

This project demonstrates our expertise in developing insights that support long-term policy planning, especially in emerging transport technology.

Read the full Future Transport Technology report here.

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