It’s the moment when the rubber hits the road: You have made the strategic choices, or refreshed your operating model, or set ambitious performance improvement targets. It is time for action, but regardless of the choices you’ve made, it all comes down to the critical question of how best to activate change. Frankly, what is the best way of “getting stuff done”?

We see clients confront this dilemma almost every day. Our journey with clients encompasses hard-fought wins and painful mishaps, and through these experiences, we have developed a structured and disciplined approach to Value Activation. Every activation effort will have its nuances, but in our experience, there are seven key elements that every organization needs to get right to have the best chance of successfully getting stuff done.

  1. End-state: Defining what success ‘looks and feels’ like
  2. Targets: Challenging targets that are regularly reinforced
  3. Governance: Clear line of sight and driving accountability in the line
  4. Initiatives: Structured and ‘gated’ process for initiative ideation, design and execution
  5. Rhythm: Fast and sustained pace to change
  6. Program management: Effective means of executing and managing the overall activation program
  7. Collaborative design: Guiding and upskilling senior management and initiative owners

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