Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness in action

So, the board just approved your new strategy, but you have yet to see any real traction. Or maybe the company’s year-old digital transformation is not progressing as planned. This may be because your organization is hindering, rather than supporting, your strategy.

For strategic change to be successful, it is necessary to consider its impact across the full breadth of the organization. Leadership, capabilities, structural interfaces, decision-making and talent management must be designed to enable strategy in an integrated manner. At the same time, ensuring your organization has the capacity for change is critical to making the transformation last.

Classic symptoms of organizational ineffectiveness

classic symptoms of organizational ineffectiveness

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If you are uncertain about your organization’s performance, it’s probably because you don’t know what’s going on, and if you don’t know what’s going on, you probably have a problem.

Our Organizational Excellence (OEX) Diagnostic Tool provides a fast assessment of your organizational performance using a structured online or app-based survey.

L.E.K. organizational excellence (OEX) framework

organizational excellence OEX framework

The data-rich output allows for rapid identification of organizational issues, and we use it as a foundation for many organizational strategy interventions.

OEX allows clients to:

  • Identify key issues and friction points within their organization
  • Set in motion the transformation effort
  • Build a quantified fact base to mobilize support for required changes
  • Establish a baseline against which progress can be measured

We have extensive experience in supporting strategic change and ensuring organizations are set up to support the new strategy. Our consultants work with businesses to develop practicable corrective actions, using our strategy activation capabilities to ensure a smooth transition.

Helping clients improve their organizational effectiveness

Our varied work in organizational effectiveness includes:

  • Designed a new operating model for a fast-growing battery systems manufacturer including a detailed organizational scale-up to grow the organization over the next five years. 

  • Created a new organizational strategy for a FTSE 100 engineering business, including decision rights, accountabilities and a transformation plan.  Read more

  • For a leading global manufacturer of professional-grade equipment, we designed and supported the implementation of a customer-centric organization, helping to unlock sales growth potential. Read more

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