Organization & Performance

How a business is structured and operates is a key dimension of successful strategy. Deploying the right core capabilities, optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness, and ensuring successful execution are all critical elements of success. 

L.E.K. Consulting’s Organization & Performance practice addresses these challenges by focusing on five capabilities:

  • Organizational strategy — enabling strategy through supportive operating models, organizational choices and governance 
  • Performance improvement — optimizing cost and functional performance, supported by high-impact performance management arrangements
  • Commercial excellence — improving the performance of commercial functions, from go-to-market model through to organizational and salesforce effectiveness
  • Post-Merger integration — creating value through pre-acquisition planning and post-acquisition integration and synergy realization
  • Value activation — a structured approach for activating your commercial choices, from solution design through to delivering results — the L.E.K. Consulting way for “getting stuff done”

Reinventing the Operating Model for Strategy Execution

Even organizations with a great strategy may struggle to achieve their goals if the organizational structure and operating model isn't aligned with it. Get introduced to L.E.K.’s Organization & Performance practice, where we help you design an operating model fit for purpose, growth, value creation and cost savings.

Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.

Rapid Integration Deployment

Are you facing roll-up strategy challenges? You’re not alone. Acquisition and roll-up is a common growth and diversification strategy for midmarket companies — and one that can yield myriad benefits. However, the challenges it poses are real and many.

L.E.K.’s Rapid Integration Deployment, or RID, enables a rigorous integration process that can be readily deployed for midsize businesses, and it’s fast. Learn more about how your midmarket organization can rapidly deploy a fit-for-purpose integration engine that will enable the execution of one transaction or many.

Rapid integration deployment

Learn about how we can help you with your Organization & Performance needs.