Background and challenge

An American multinational energy company and leading oil refiner was interested in launching a new division supporting the energy transition. The aim was to capture growth from new markets, mitigate risks to the core business and support the global economy transition to a lower-carbon ecosystem. 

To accomplish this, the company first needed to assess its current state and future positioning for success in new energy markets. From there, management needed to set the strategic direction for the new division and build momentum for a successful launch of the group. 

Approach and recommendations

We started by interviewing senior leaders of the client team. The interviews captured a full understanding of the activities and opportunities in new energy markets that the business was already pursuing. In parallel, we developed perspectives on how other companies paved their way into these new markets, identifying key lessons for the client.


We provided the company with a comprehensive post-workshop report to support the new division’s leadership. The report summarized the workshop and laid out considerations for the division’s strategic direction — including challenges, risk mitigation strategies and ways to sustain the momentum built by the leadership workshop. 

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