Background and challenge

An energy technology company specializing in advanced electrification solutions for complex commercial vehicle applications had recently been listed on the New York Stock Exchange. With demand for its battery packs and modules growing exponentially, the company needed a plan to rapidly scale its capabilities and production capacity. At the same time, the company wished to maintain the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that it viewed as critical to its success. 

Leadership brought in L.E.K. Consulting to help determine an optimal future operating model, as well as to identify the headcount and resources required to maintain it. 

Approach and recommendations

We assisted our client with several key aspects of its business and addressed the following questions:

  • Which capabilities are needed to deliver on the long-term plan? Which capabilities will the company need to be successful? How might those capabilities differ based on the type of customer, and how will underlying market dynamics impact those changes?
  • What is working well today? What will need to be changed to deliver in the future?
  • What optimal organizational model should the client deploy? How should employees in key functions interact with customers, suppliers and partners? What governance needs to be put in place? How should interfunctional processes be developed and executed?
  • How should the client grow the team over time? Which key milestones should trigger the addition of new people, processes, tools and capabilities? 

We led our client through an organizational diagnostic and design process to develop its future vision, identifying best practices observed at peer companies and defining conclusions for how to best use them. This process also required a clear mapping of key roles and responsibilities across the organization and alignment on how interfunctional processes should operate to optimize efficiency. Finally, we determined how the organization needed to scale up the team as it realized sales. As part of this process, we created a milestone-driven guide for management to use as it hired and built its team.


The organizational blueprint we delivered helped the company put in place a strategy that will allow it to scale over the course of the next three to five years. Furthermore, senior leaders, including the CEO, CTO, COO and CFO, participated in a series of executive workshops where they agreed on roles and responsibilities and the processes for how different functional teams will collaborate and make decisions. 

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