Digital Readiness

Prepare your organization for digital change.

Some businesses hope to catch a wave of opportunity. Others are scrambling to merely catch up. Either way, digital technology is upending the balance of power in the marketplace a shift with ripple effects on every aspect of a go-to-market strategy.

But strategy and technology aren’t enough. Even the best of these can fail if the organization isn’t ready to put them to work. And as corporate veterans know, once an organization establishes operating norms, they can be exceedingly hard to change.

How we help

We help you assess the digital health of your organization and find ways to improve it. As part of that, we can:

  • Gauge your organization’s digital maturity relative to industry peers
  • Analyze gaps in current digital capabilities and assets
  • Uncover structural, procedural and philosophical impediments to digital change
  • Identify opportunities to shape digital initiatives around customer needs
  • Determine ways that senior management can make more-informed decisions about digital initiatives
  • Design an agile, iterative process for digital implementation
  • Map out a “digital first” operational model

Your benefits

  • An improved understanding of where your digital capabilities and offerings stand today
  • Greater insight into current and future digital capability requirements
  • An ability to get the full value from digital strategies and tactics

Examples of our work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • A home goods retailer recognized digital was changing consumers’ expectations for their shopping experience, but its business was classically organized around physical store execution. L.E.K. was engaged to articulate a consumer-centric digital innovation vision and identify the client’s key capability gaps to achieve its digital objectives. After defining the four primary digital objectives, including strategies such as single view of the customer, personalized marketing, omnichannel customer service and seamless multichannel experience, L.E.K. and the client evaluated functional capabilities and determined the key initiatives needed to close the “digital” gap. The result was a clear road map of activity that led to successful implementation of the client’s digital vision.
  • A professional sports league operated a legacy television business needed to complement its licensing contracts with broadcasters globally. While the organization had built a material digital business, it operated in its own silo with very little leverage of core media assets and significant redundancy — both parts of the business were operating below their potential on fan experience and economics. L.E.K. helped our client audit the current organization and identify a new structure and the accompanying roles and processes to break down the legacy silos and shift to an agile digital-first organization that better leveraged its strengths and talent.
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