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In today’s episode, we will focus on the influential trends and investment priorities shaping the specialty chemicals industry. Our subject matter experts will discuss the surge in innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability in the chemicals sector and highlight the strategic responses to recent industry challenges.

  • Current investment trends and strategic priorities, such as innovation in alternative feedstocks and diversification in the specialty chemicals industry 
  • The implementation and impact of digital strategies, including operational efficiency and business growth, within chemical companies 
  • The significance of sustainability goals and consumer demand for sustainable products, which are driving specialty chemical manufacturers to innovate 
  • Actions taken by the chemical industry to promote more sustainable raw materials and leverage biosimilar opportunities and recycling 
  • Future directions for the chemicals industry, including addressing supply chain optimization and operational efficiency

To provide insights on these topics, you will hear from L.E.K. Consulting Managing Directors Carol Wingard, Peter Walter, Amanda Davis Winters and Morgan Callahan.  

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Chemicals Companies Look To Invest Further in Winning Digital Strategies
lab researcher
See why most specialty chemicals organizations expect to increase their investment in digital tools going forward.

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