The last decade has seen a shift toward personalized medicine that leverages biomarkers and related companion diagnostics (CDx). Most personalized medicine plans have been used in oncology on a one-drug, one-therapy basis. While many biopharmaceutical companies have used a well-established course to deploy personalized medicine strategies, a few trends are driving the need for novel CDx technologies which require new partnership strategies for adoption:

  • Broader adoption of personalized medicine outside of oncology
  • Increased competition in oncology
  • Movement to monitor therapy response or disease recurrence in oncology
  • Exploration of nuanced cancer biology for biomarker discovery

Biopharma companies must contend with considerable risks surrounding adoption of novel technologies for companion diagnostics, not the least of which is these companies’ limited resources. The freight train of personalized medicine is hurtling forward, and biopharma companies would be wise to thoroughly assess the opportunities for novel technologies before initiating adoption.

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