Digital Strategy

Identify and plan for digital disruption.

Digital technology is changing commercial realities. No longer is it sustainable to rely on the biggest distribution network, the most products in the marketplace or the most famous brand. As recent history has shown, digital disruption creates new winners and losers. What it’s unlikely to do is nothing at all. What do you want to do?

The challenge with disruption is that, almost by definition, there are no rules to evaluate it against. It just isn’t normal enough. Instead, you need a playbook — one that guides your responses, helps you meet customer expectations and keeps you ahead of the competition as you make your way along the digital journey.

How we help

We work with business leaders to develop a strategy to recognize, and act on, digital threats and opportunities. For example, we can help you:

  • Understand how digital serves, and adds value for, the most relevant customers for your brand
  • Identify digital channels to invest in given conditions such as reputation, objectives and what’s feasible in a given market
  • Find ways to work with third-party digital operators
  • Understand other companies’ digital successes and the potential to adapt them to your organization
  • Arrive at a response to the impact of disruptive technology
  • Model potential outcomes of key strategic choices under alternative scenarios
  • Make meaningful changes that improve costs, revenues, market share or other performance targets
  • Define metrics for continuous improvement of digital initiatives
  • Put all the pieces in place for a coherent approach to digital strategy

Your benefits

  • Greater engagement with your customers and influence on digital channels
  • Evidence that digital goals are realistically achievable
  • A systemic way to apply digital technology so that it meets customer needs and drives revenue and profit

Examples of our work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • A multichannel apparel brand with a catalog heritage had ecommerce sales and growth lagging industry norms. L.E.K. was asked to develop a leading digital strategy to drive customer acquisition, engagement and satisfaction through fulfillment. Through deep analysis of site performance, marketing effectiveness and consumer insight, we identified key deficiencies in the current strategy and scoped the ideal end-state strategy. The strategy included the implementation of core digital “table stakes” initiatives, such as site experience optimization and social media engagement, and the launch of a truly innovative, virtual reality experience on the site. The strategy also optimized digital marketing investment with historical catalog investments to deliver improved marketing ROI and additional sales growth.
  • A market-leading manufacturer of commercial protective equipment was experiencing sales decline across key product lines. L.E.K. was engaged to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic and quickly identified the client’s strategy and execution in online channels was resulting in share loss. Through deep sales analysis and online performance analytics, we identified the primary root causes were ineffective online content, weak positioning within Amazon and major distributor sites, and price inconsistency. We devised an online growth strategy including focused initiatives to drive performance on Amazon, more effectively manage online and dealer channel conflict, and drive sales of key products being disproportionately purchased online.
  • A digital media company had built a successful franchise on YouTube but was beginning to experience headwinds in its ability to grow organically. The company’s key revenue streams of content licensing and branded content had natural limitations in their ability to scale. L.E.K. was engaged to help the company assess and validate opportunities for growth and support development of a long-range strategic business plan. We helped the company navigate strategic partnerships and identify opportunities for investment to build the company’s direct-to-consumer and international assets.
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