L.E.K. Consulting believes that the evolution to more robust holistic care models will have a broad impact across healthcare stakeholders, creating opportunities for new businesses as well as challenges to the current “one drug/one test” companion diagnostic model. To better understand how the evolution to holistic models is taking shape – and its potential impact on healthcare stakeholders – L.E.K. examined today’s treatment decision support testing landscape and personalized medicine partnership activity.

Our findings confirm that more holistic decision support tests and solutions are coming and will require stakeholders to think differently about how they establish themselves by using a broad network of partners and strategic initiatives. Our report includes:

  • A survey of the U.S. treatment decision support testing landscape to identify the number of holistic decision support tests (e.g., multi-agent response) and the estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of this emerging test category
  • An analysis of publicized personalized medicine partnership activities to determine the percentage of partnerships focused on creating holistic decision support models
  • Key issues that stakeholders will need to address as the shift to holistic decision support takes place
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