Imagine if there was a way for a company to grow its profit line and create shareholder value by investing less money, taking less risk, seeing the benefits almost immediately and also making its customers happier in the process. In the first of a multipart series, L.E.K. Consulting Managing Directors Alan Lewis and Dan McKone lay out a new strategy that offers to do just that.

Instead of the old business mantra of “focusing on your core,” executives should adopt an “Edge Strategy™” approach to look for the enormous, untapped source of profit that exists on the edge of their core business through the sale of ancillary goods and services that actually make a customer’s interaction with the business more complete.

Some industries discovered the power of edge offerings long ago – movie theaters are in the business of selling movie tickets, but for years have made most of their profit from high-priced popcorn and other concessions that enhance the movie-going experience. Companies in industries as diverse as financial services, cable operators, retail and hospitality have all had some degree of success in driving edge strategies into their businesses by selling things that could be viewed, stand-alone, as only obscurely related to their core solutions.

This powerful new white paper will give you further insight into developing and applying an Edge Strategy mindset.

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