L.E.K. believes that the MedTech industry has hit an inflection point and that the continued industry shake-out will mirror the shake-out occurring among its customers (i.e., hospital systems). In the 2015 L.E.K. Strategic Hospital Priorities Study, many of the trends revealed in the 2014 study are again impacting hospital suppliers and are indeed accelerating — with vital implications for suppliers.

In this Executive Insights, we present a hospital segmentation framework that illustrates four dimensions of changes affecting providers. A key finding from this year’s study indicates the majority of hospital administrators are now looking to use external partners rather than internal resources as they’d preferred in past studies.

In response to these changes, we define six main areas of strategic focus to drive success for MedTechs going forward as well as the critical questions that relate to these areas of focus. Learn more by downloading the L.E.K. 2015 Strategic Hospital Priorities Study.   

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