Recent years have seen a significant increase in venture funding for digital health start-ups, with private companies and the public sector now investing heavily in digital health. This rising investment comes at a time when the global population is becoming older, wealthier and more in need of healthcare. In the U.S., total venture funding for digital health startups rose from €0.8 billion in 2011 to nearly €28 billion in 2021 with the average deal size increasing to €40 million, up from €12 million over the same time period (Source: Rock Health). 

Diaverum’s digital transformation best practise case study highlights the work of a global leader that offers a clear path for other healthcare companies to follow. It also demonstrates Diaverum’s successful implementation of L.E.K. Consulting’s Digital Excellence (DEX) Framework.

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Riding the Digital Health Wave: The L.E.K. Digital Excellence Framework
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The healthcare sector has lagged other industries when it comes to the impact of digital technologies. How can L.E.K.’s Digital Excellence (DEX) framework help you navigate the complex challenges of becoming more digital?

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