In the dynamic landscape of commerce, understanding the distinct shopping habits of different generations is crucial. This is especially true as younger demographics, such as Generation Z, become increasingly influential in the marketplace. Despite the many assumptions made about them, Gen Zers shopping behaviors offer intriguing insights. 

Raised in a digital era, Gen Zers are accustomed to an unprecedented array of product choices and purchasing methods. They seek products that not only align with their unique style but also resonate with their values, dedicating time to informed decision-making. 

This introduction sets the stage for a deep exploration of Gen Z's purchasing tendencies, based on L.E.K. Consulting's extensive consumer study. The report, while focusing on Gen Z, is built on a rich foundation of data that also spans the preferences and habits of millennials, Gen X, and boomers. This rich dataset offers a panoramic view of evolving consumer preferences across generations, promising valuable insights for senior retail executives. To delve deeper into these shopping habits and our detailed findings, we invite you to connect with us.

Gen Zers’ experiences have resulted in distinct preferences for retailers. To see which retailers Gen Z prefers for groceries, apparel, footwear, furniture, appliances and beauty, please click on the tabs in the chart below.  



To learn more about the shopping behavior and preferences of Gen Z, please download our analysis.  

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