Why Artificial Intelligence Presents an Inflection Point for the Travel Industry

The promise of AI cuts across multiple industries and travel is no exception. The difference is that the potential impact and disruption for the travel industry will be much greater than expected. In fact, AI is poised to fundamentally alter the industry’s commercial structure and lead to new forms of competition. The key to success will be determining the right way to deploy AI and fully capitalize on new market opportunities. We invite you to explore the latest insights we have uncovered based on recent research and market analysis.

3 Major Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt the Travel Industry

Artificial intelligence has massive potential to disrupt the travel industry — but not necessarily in the ways you might expect. According to L.E.K.’s Dan McKone and Alan Lewis, there are three major trends to watch that are key to understanding the right way to deploy AI ― and seizing the new markets it can unlock.


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