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Designing major organizational changes is a complex and high-stakes process. The general rule is that structure should follow strategy, but it is often challenging to ignore the people and personalities that you see on a daily basis. L.E.K. has developed a systematic and objective organizational design process that ensures our clients create powerful organizations that truly enable strategy execution.

The best organization designs are co-created with key constituents and tested under marketplace pressure with real-life scenarios to validate the design and build alignment for effective implementation.

We have developed a comprehensive framework to address our clients’ organizational design needs.


L.E.K. organizational design framework


Choices across these six dimensions must be made in an integrated manner. Most companies face significant challenges doing this, and typical issues include a lack of efficiency or effectiveness:

  • Efficiency issues result in higher costs, e.g., in overhead, manufacturing or cost of sales
  • Effectiveness issues result in poor decision-making, lack of accountability and slow processes

We support our clients by taking them through this integrated set of choices, and closely linking organizational choices with business portfolio and strategic positioning choices.

Our OEX Diagnostic Tool provides deep insight on the effectiveness of the organization today, which can be leveraged to inform these choices.

Examples of our work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:

  • Redesigned global sales and marketing functions, as well as back-office and corporate support, for a leading packaging services company, as part of the acquisition of a competitor, to capture synergies and give the combined company an advantaged position to serve a global customer base. Read more
  • Worked with a top-3 global food-ingredients business to develop a new distribution strategy that increased focus on higher-value opportunities and migrated low-value customers to online channels. Read more
  • Optimized an organizational redesign for a leading global player in the food-ingredients industry with the creation of global support functions. Read more
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