Digital Ways of Working

Technology advances and data proliferation are having a profound effect on the way organizations work and make decisions — including choices around resource management, product development and pricing. But unlocking the opportunities they offer means developing the processes to identify, analyze and visualize available data. Combined with flexible and agile management approaches, along with automated businesses processes, the result can fundamentally reshape the way that organizations work and make decisions.

How We Help

We help you get the most from your data and technology, including finding ways to:

  • Inform better decisions through the data available to you
  • Understand the value that data offers for your business
  • Reinvent your business processes to be more agile
  • Leverage technology to be more efficient and effective
  • Organize, train and support your workforce to operate in a digital environment
  • Use technology to empower, optimize and change the dynamics of your organization
  • Structure your organization to drive innovation
  • Streamline and optimize your organization’s ongoing process for identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing digital initiatives and investments

Your Benefits

  • Insights on how to maximize the potential of data
  • A fresh perspective on your organization and its true drivers of performance
  • A path to building your organization’s ability to leverage data and technology
  • Data-driven ways to work more efficiently and effectively

How can we help you with your Digital needs?


  • L.E.K. Consulting’s client, a leading automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM), was seeking to transform the performance of one of its core development areas by implementing agile ways of working in order to drive better electronics development. We helped to define the organizational target structure to enable agile ways of working, which improved the client’s competitive reaction speed, customer centricity and planning reliability and reduced development costs, among other benefits.
  • A leading asset-rental company was unable to implement a turnaround due to poor visibility into its underlying revenue and profit drivers. Using advanced analytical tools and skills, we helped the organization gain unprecedented insight into pockets of untapped profitability. We also ensured that the capabilities developed as part of the business transformation — including synthesizing internal and market data, and sharing analysis throughout the enterprise — would continue to foster new approaches to understanding and managing the business. Read more
  • A leading waste management company sought to offset the natural advantages held by competing small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) within their business segment. We helped the client develop a more effective method of compiling high-grade SME leads by allowing agents to locate prospective zones that could fuel new sales opportunities. The client used this approach on a nationwide basis and saw its share price appreciate 150% in the four years after completing this project. Read more
  • A major mining services company approached us to help them better understand the potential for an innovative, real-time data capture and dissemination technology that it hoped to implement for its operational activities. We launched an in-depth customer interview initiative to gauge customer attitudes toward the new technology compared with traditional approaches to data capture and dissemination. We concluded that the reduction in data errors, speed of assessment and data dissemination, and improved costs were resulting in a preference for the technology. We were also able to assess how well the company was integrating the technology into operating activities and recommend ways to improve uptake.

Actionable insights borne out of deep, in-market experience in the world’s major industries.